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Last of the Summer Wine

Last of the Summer Wine

The languid, back-and-forth rhythm of a swaying swing slows time on a lazy summer day. This easy do-it-yourself swing will have you relaxing until the end of summer, sipping Chardonnay and enjoying a cool spot in the garden.

This high-backed swing hangs securely from nylon or hemp rope that runs through the arms and frame. A yellow stain emphasises the grain of the wood and if finished off with several coats of exterior, satin-finish polyurethane.

You will need:
[2] 2440 x 100 x 50mm pine
[2] 3050 x 100 x 50mm pine
[9] 3050 x 100 x 25mm pine
[1] 3050 x 150 x 25mm pine
– Deck screws
– Drill, bit and Countersunk
– Nylon or hemp rope
– Hammer
– Circular or jigsaw

Here’s how:
The 100 x 25mm boards used for the swing seat, sides and back secure to a frame of 100 x 50mm pieces that consists of two rectangular ends and three crosspieces. You build the swing in stages; basic frame and fascia; sides and seat; back and armrests.

Click here for detailed PDF instructions and diagram

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